Our Heritage

Maracame Blue Agave grows in the red soil of the highlands of Jalisco. Agave grows differently in different regions and the highlands of Jalisco are renowned as the finest tequila producing region in the world. Since the foundation of the first distillery in the area in the early 1600s, Jalisco has been sharing with the world the very best tasting tequilas.

Founded in 1938 Maracame has been consistently harvested and produced pure agave tequila in Arandas Jalisco and generations of family have followed in the tradition of hand crafting the finest quality tequila. Eighteen prized fields have grown the maturer Agave that is the source of these popular Tequilas. At these higher elevations Agave roots have to grow deeper pulling more minerals from the soil resulting in more sugar and complexity of flavor producing superior flavored tequila.

Enjoy, savor and share these smooth and historically rich tequilas and make our family’s traditions part of your own.

Our Heart

Maracame is a tequila brand made in the heart of Jalisco Mexico, from the heart of the very finest blue agave. Steeped in the ancient traditions of the Huichol people and adorned in beaded emblems created by the Huichol today, the smooth and nuanced experience of Maracame Tequilas truly shares the very heart of Mexico. Discover the best tasting tequila with us!

The Maracame

Our high quality tequilas are named in honor of the ancient wizards of the Huichol: The Maracame. More than medicine men, these spiritual leaders act as priests, civil authorities and repositories of the historic myths and memories of the community. Through the use of Peyote the Maracame are able to speak to the gods, ensuring the regeneration of souls and communicating with the forces of nature.

The Huichol

The Huichol (Wixaritari) civilization extends back 15,000 years. The Huichol people today live mostly in the mountains above Mazatlán but many make an annual pilgrimage to their point of origin in San Luis Potosi to commune with spirits of the past. As descendants of the earth the Huichol believe in appeasing nature to retain balance in the environment. Their distinctive, colorful beaded craft works are deeply laced with different elements of Huichol traditions and beliefs. Maracame is proud to share and support this generational artisan tradition with every tequila bottle.

Social Responsibility

It is our mission to give back to the Huichol in meaningful and productive ways. All funds delivered from the production of Huichol art and craftwork, used to market and sell Maracame Tequila, goes directly to the Huichol community.

Maracame Tequila is 100% environmentally friendly.

 In the spirit of the Huichol tradition, the land from which these remarkable tequilas are made, must be preserved with care and dedication. During the growing, fermentation and distillation processes all waste is either recycled or repurposed. We focus on creating the best tequila with a socially responsible background in all areas.